Yorkie vet care

Choosing a good vet is a serious matter for your Yorkshire Terrier's welfare, a choice best not left too late, because when an emergency arises it may just be too late!

How can you find a good vet for your yorkie?

1) Note their reaction when they first see your dog. Ask them how they feel about treating such small animals. This is important since some vets, especially in more rural areas may not have experience treating tiny dogs. Sometimes a procedure may require a lot more precision and patience for it to be a success.

When taking your sick yorkie puppy to the vet and she exclaims: "That thing is so small! it should never be alive!!!" Walk out!

2) Talk to your vet about first aid for your yorkie pup. This is crucial, the most common symptoms that cause death are diarrhoea and vomiting, these lead to rapid dehydration and require immediate attention, especially with a tiny dog. Listen to what your vet says about what you should do. If he tells you to contact him immediately, is he on call 24/7? did he give you his mobile or home number or another emergency number to dial?