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The Hazards of Commercial Dog Food??

Convenience, and the claim that it is nutritionally balanced, has made commercial dog foods very popular. We want what is best for our friends and so we should research the food we feed them and make an informed choice.

Are commercial dry dog foods harmful to your Yorkie's health?

Issues raised by clients:

Dog food manufacturers are not under the same strict scrutiny as those producers of food for humans, and they are permitted to use untested harmful products that look good on the list of vitamins or minerals on the dog food packet.

An example: The artificial vitamin K3 which is found in most dry dog foods in South Africa. This proves indigestible and toxic, most commonly causing liver problems( often fatal), yet dog food companies persist in using it. 

(see The Dog Food Project's article Menadione (Vitamin K3) and the Origon State University findings)

Oregon State University: “Although allergic reaction is possible, there is no known toxicity associated with high doses of the phylloquinone (vitamin K1) or menaquinone (vitamin K2) forms of vitamin K. The same is not true for synthetic menadione (vitamin K3) and its derivatives. Menadione can interfere with the function of glutathione, one of the body’s natural antioxidants, resulting in oxidative damage to cell membranes. Menadione given by injection has induced liver toxicity, jaundice, and hemolytic anemia (due to the rupture of red blood cells) in infants; therefore, menadione is no longer used for treatment of vitamin K deficiency. No tolerable upper level of intake has been established for vitamin K.”


It is your responsibility to look after your pet as well as you can, don't just leave it to dog food companies who are only driven by profit.
No one can tell you what to feed your yorkie, but please make an informed decision.

This discussion is to be continued as more dog food companies respond......


After trying a number of different dry dog foods...  I found 'Jock' 
I now use and distribute 'Jock' Dog food

A high quality South African product at an affordable price.

Highly digestible, excellent palatability. Enriched with Omega 3 and 6. Available in 2kg, 8kg, 20kg and 40kg bags

Essential fatty acids help maintain immunity. Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids balanced for a healthy glossy coat.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium are anti-oxidants which help improve immunity and longevity.

Vitamin B supports liver function.

All the right minerals for a strong skeletal structure. Enriched with vitamins to improve senses. Scientifically formulated Amino Acid composition for muscle development and maintenance of body functions.

Check the Nutritional value of Jock Junior and Jock Multistages

Price List:
 Weight  Jock 
 2kg  R 40.00  R 40.00
 8kg  R 120.00  R 130.00
 20kg  R 265.00  R 285.00
 40kg  R 520.00  R 550.00

What about Raw Food?

I believe in also feeding raw food to your dog, it benefits him in many ways. Obviously it takes a little more time and effort. So I use a combination of dry and raw dog food, feeding them raw on alternate days.

When feeding small dogs any food for the first time, like a chicken neck for example, it is important to watch that he doesn't choke. He will learn how to eat these things properly with practice.



I recommend commercial BARF dog food, and believe it is better than any dry commercial dog food, however, from my own experience, I feel it is better to prepare it yourself, and to give it to them as unprocessed as possible.

Reasons why:
  • All dogs, large or small, are supposed use their teeth to eat, this is good for their teeth and gums and they enjoy it much more. 
  • BARF is minced and they will still need something extra to chew.
  • Bone that is finely minced can sometimes cause digestion issues and the fine bone passes through the digestive tract quickly with less nutritional value to the dog. 
I am not saying that BARF dog food will necessarily cause a problem, but it is something to take note of if there are any digestion complications.

What is BARF?

BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or even Bones and Raw Food. 

Take responsibilty for the food your dog eats. Switch to the food he/she was designed to eat! Some Benefits of feeding BARF: 

* Helps to control rate of growth
* Helps to control weight
* Helps to control skeletal problems
* Feeding your vetran
* Helps to control bone and skin disease
* Feeding the pregant bitch
* Feeding the lactating bitch
* Weaning of puppies
* Can assist cancer patients (for the correct adaptation of the BARF dogfood for this very serious illness please contact BARF-4-Dogs) 

You can prepare your own food