Registered Yorkie Breeders in South Africa

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Kennel or Breeder nameLocationEmail/Contact numberWeb AddressVision/Mission
Kennel or Breeder nameLocationEmail/Contact numberWeb AddressVision/Mission
Patitas Yorkies - Jenean du Preez Bloemfontein  [email protected] / 083 298 3764 strive to provide high quality Yorkshire Terriers to loving and approved homes 
Zaminaco Yorkies - Natasha Verdoes Cape [email protected] - 023 415 2233 / 082 826 0868  to breed beautiful, healthy and happy puppies 
JOST YORKSHIRE EN BIEWER TERRIERS - Lenie Jooste Cape - near Uppington but deliver free to Cape town [email protected] / 083 236 8119  I do not breed for looks only, but for temperament as well 
Brancoshire - Kimberly Branco Cape town [email protected] - 0829289105 / 0219821065 I breed to the best of my knowledge and plan my matings with care 
Pedigree Dog Breeders - Derek or Sharon Lawson Cape town [email protected] / 073 953 9992  to produce gorgeous healthy puppies to loving homes 
Silkentassle Yorkshire Terriers - Gary and Ingrid Cochius  Cape town [email protected] / 082 373 7033  Yorkie’s are our love and passion, and we welcome you to their world 
QTPie Kennels - Gareth Cape Town [email protected] 0820945844 To breed small Yorkies that are short, stocky and healthy. 
Sharlamay Yorkies - MELANIE OR MIKE SCOTT Cape town - Fish Hoek  [email protected] / 021 - 7821613  traditional colored Yorkshire Terriers and Parti colored 
Mijoy Yorkies Johannesburg  [email protected] / 0722340791 Yorkies have always been the apple of our eye and wonderful companions 
Brolea Yorkshire Terriers - Pam Brown Mpumalanga [email protected] 0176313549 / 0829251595 to better the quality of our Yorkshire Terriers with each generation 
Demandi Yorkshire Yorkie Puppies NW province  072 364 3884 breeding healthy and lovable KUSA Registered Yorkshire Terriers 
CHIVAZA YORKIES - Alma De Bruin  Pretoria [email protected] - 0848198881 Gorgeous Yorkies from local and imported Champion bloodlines 
Leeuwkloof Yorkies - Ida Wessels Pretoria [email protected] / 082 965 5908 I have owned and loved Yorkies for more than 20 Years 
Liabri Yorkies - Anna Pretoria [email protected] / 082 962 0200 committed to establishing long term relationships with its clients. 
Teglarrani Yorkies - Lana Pretoria [email protected] / 072 4774 123 proud Yorkshire Terrier Breeders offering beautiful Yorkie Puppies 
Showing 15 items