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How to toilet train your puppy

posted 17 Jul 2013, 12:40 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 17 Jul 2013, 12:42 ]

Girl communicating with dog about toilet habits
To toilet train a puppy is very similar to toilet training an adult dog, but as they mature they are more able to control their bladder and bowel movements.

We are going to have a series on how to house train your dog, so please keep following us. Click her to read about how to house train your rescue dog.

Where do Rescue Yorkies come from?

posted 25 Jun 2013, 01:57 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 25 Jun 2013, 01:59 ]

Please check the following article from S A Yorkie Rescue, by clicking on this link, to understand more about Rescue Yorkies:

Rescue Yorkshire Terriers in South Africa

Where do Rescue Yorkies come from?

Rescue Yorkies are not some super dogs performing rescues, but are dogs in need of rescue! 

This we found necessary to stipulate as we have had a perplexed caller asking: 
"What kind of rescues do they perform? I can't imagine a Yorkie rescuing anything!" 
Well they do perform rescues in a sense; when they find a suitable home 
that they need, and where they are needed, 

Please take care of your new puppies!

posted 28 Jul 2011, 02:40 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 13:03 ]

Do not let any visitors pick up your puppy!, this is the number one cause of injury and even death of Yorkshire puppies. Don't let your yorkie fall!They are surprisingly strong and can unexpectedly jump and kick out of your visitors hands.
Recently this happened to one of the puppies I sold and it cost the owner R8000 in vet bills to treat a broken leg and shoulder. I have had phone calls from crying yorkie owners looking for one of my puppies because their previous one fell on its head and died. Needless to say they are not my first choice as owners for my dogs.
Yorkie puppies are small and need to be treated as such. 
Their bones are very soft and break easily if dropped or if they jump out of your arms. Do not let them jump off something that they cannot jump up onto.
Please be careful.

Dolly gave birth to two healthy little Yorkie boys

posted 29 Jan 2011, 02:55 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 29 May 2014, 02:52 ]

Enoch and Methuselah were born on the 28 January, Magnum and Dolly are the two parents.

Peanut had her puppies two days early!

posted 25 Jan 2011, 23:40 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 12:57 ]

She had two little boys, then had a four hour break before having another boy and two girls! everyone looks strong and healthy, Magnum and Peanut have done it again, five great little kids, sure to grow to be beautiful little Yorkies just like their previous puppies.

Abel( boy), Cain( boy), Adah( girl), Seth( boy) and Zillah( girl)

New Waiting List

posted 24 Dec 2010, 05:49 by Gareth Norton   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 12:58 ]

Since there is such a demand for small females, and we should have a number of puppies available in March, a waiting list has been drawn up. 
Please comment and state what kind of Yorkie you will be looking for so that we can add you to the list. Don't forget to add your contact details.
Kind Regards

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