Adopt a Dog - Yorkshire Terriers

Sometimes a situation arises that is unavoidable due to changing circumstances and you may need to surrender a Yorkie, please do that here..

We have often had Yorkies surrendered to us for adoption and therefore we supported the founding of SA Yorkie Rescue (for homeless Yorkshire Terriers and other small pure bred dogs in Cape Town)

The problem however is that the demand to adopt Yorkies far exceeds the amount of dogs surrendered for adoption. This is a wonderful problem to have, knowing that when breeding Yorkshire terriers we are not adding to the growing number of unwanted dogs. 

South African Yorkie Rescue - Cape town

Although we often have puppies for adoption, there is a growing desire to rescue yorkies. Dog adoption has therefore never been easier and we are determined to find the very best homes for our furry friends. Assisting with dog adoption is one of the most rewarding ways you can use your time!

The SPCA (including animal welfare organizations like PAWS, DARG and Tears) is a humane society looking out for animal welfare. Animal rescue being their aim. If you adopt a dog you are supporting what these humane societies stand for. The SPCA has to still end many live everyday and need help to find appropriate homes to rescue a dog in need. If you adopt a dog in Cape town you are part of this movement, but the truth is that for a dog rescue to be successful it involves cost and effort. It takes more specialized dog rescue organizations to help the crisis of animal welfare in Cape town. So adopt a dog in Cape town.

Latest rescued dogs for adoption

Why adopt a dog?

The great thing about Yorkies is that they live a long time and seem to remain puppies most of their lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks, they may just like their old habits a bit too much at times, but if you manage to convince them that a new behaviour is better for them, they will learn. Occasionally it can be a challenge.

Adopting a dog can be a very different experience for each individual, the emotional make-up of each dog is unique and the more determining factor is that each human is also unique. As part of therapy for autism and other more obvious disabilities animals are often used with great results. Why? We all have a need to care for animals whether we recognize it or not.

It has long been used to determine how civilized a land is by looking at the way they treat their animals. It appears we are moving further and further away from genuine civilization when we look at it from this perspective. Nevertheless, we can have a much more fulfilling life learning to care properly for an adopted dog. Sometimes though, it can be selfishly motivated, for example: perhaps you are just lonely and maybe you need a friend, but the best owners learn to be what the dog needs, this is what its all about!

How to qualify to adopt a dog:

The best homes are searched out for each dog, trying to match them suitably.

The main requirement however is that you really have a strong desire to care for a dog. Someone who really wants to adopt a dog keeps on trying, and never gives up until they find the right dog that they are able to care for. Obviously there can be some selfish desires involved, but the main requirement must be wanting to take care of a soul in need. Someone who truly desires to do what is best for the dog can always be assisted to do it properly.

Secondly there is a financial requirement. There should always be an adoption fee, this not only helps the dog adoption services to keep running, but also helps to determine how much the new owners will appreciate their new canine family member and whether they have the financial means to care for him or not.

What should I expect when adopting a rescue dog?

You must expect him to take a little while to settle in. They may have had very different treatment prior to joining your family, perhaps they were even mistreated.
It may require patience to win the dog's trust, sometimes its instant love after a simple treat, other times it may take some days for him to relax in the new environment. If you are having trouble it is important to get professional advice asap, don't give up.

There may also be medical expenses, it is best to take them to your vet as soon as possible after the adoption.

Often bills will need to be paid for them to be spayed or neutered, and the teeth cleaned or extracted, properly groomed and nails trimmed. 

Where do Rescued Yorkies come from?