Yorkie puppies in Cape Town

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkie puppies for sale in Cape Town

By Gareth Nemail a puppy

Yorkies are small dogs, originally bred in Yorkshire England as ratters. They are real terriers and, although small, are extremely large characters. 
Once someone has owned a Yorkie, they always want a Yorkie. These dogs are very popular and the demand for them is growing. More and more people are having to live in apartments 
or in other complexes where only small dogs are permitted or practical to keep. The Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect small dog to keep with a large dog's personality.

This page is to show the latest Yorkie puppies for sale, available from QTPie Kennels, and their family members

We breed small Yorkies that are short, stocky and healthy.

Do you want to start breeding Yorkshire Terriers?  See the article: Should I Breed Yorkshire Terriers? - By a Yorkie Breeder

 What is 'QTPie Kennels'?

Registered with KUSA as 'QTies' Kennel

KUSA Registered

We are breeders of small, KUSA registered, Yorkshire Terriers. 
This site is to show our breeding stock and to inform about when we have puppies available
We often have teacup, pocket, and miniature sized yorkie puppiesthough our breeding stock are all within the standard
We breed very small yorkies but focus more on health and character.
Real cutie pies.

Help me find my Yorkie!
Have you lost your Yorkshire Terrier? Go to lostdogs.co.za for free help to find your dog.

Latest Litters at QTPie Kennels

  • Very cute Yorkie litter born 26 September 2016 Please call Altus Strydom in Cape Town Call 082 926 6927
    Posted 28 Oct 2016, 22:39 by Gareth Norton
  • All booked - 5 X Puppies 4 females and one male born 03-01-2015 All have gone to loving homes.Sinead gave birth to 5 stunning pups, 1 male and 4 females they are over ten weeks old and are ready to get homes now! 
    Posted 28 Oct 2016, 22:41 by Gareth Norton
  • 2 x Yorkshire Terrier litters available - Blackberry's first litter, a stunning male Yorkie The latest available puppies now - Two litters - 6 pups and three males left. They are available in Fish Hoek contact:              Altus 082 926 6967
    Posted 19 May 2014, 02:35 by Gareth Norton
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Little Puppy in shoe - by Trudene Nel


Snoekie's beautiful little puppy at 7 weeks and 240grams
Peanut's little Yorkshire male
Birdy's little Coco  

Hope's little yorkie girl, Kelly

Peanut's smallest puppy at birth


Recent Announcements

  • How to toilet train your puppy To toilet train a puppy is very similar to toilet training an adult dog, but as they mature they are more able to control their bladder and bowel movements.We are going to have a series on how to house train your dog, so please keep following us. Click her to read about how to house train your rescue dog.
    Posted 17 Jul 2013, 12:42 by Gareth Norton
  • Where do Rescue Yorkies come from? Please check the following article from S A Yorkie Rescue, by clicking on this link, to understand more about Rescue Yorkies:Where do Rescue Yorkies come from?Rescue Yorkies are not some super dogs performing rescues, but are dogs in need of rescue! This we found necessary to stipulate as we have had a perplexed caller asking: "What kind of rescues do they perform? I can't imagine a Yorkie rescuing anything!" Well they do perform rescues in a sense; when they find a suitable home that they need, and where they are needed, this is truly fulfilling and very rewarding for the new owner.
    Posted 25 Jun 2013, 01:59 by Gareth Norton
  • Please take care of your new puppies! Do not let any visitors pick up your puppy!, this is the number one cause of injury and even death of Yorkshire puppies. They are surprisingly strong and can unexpectedly jump and kick out of your visitors hands. Recently this happened to one of the puppies I sold and it cost the owner R8000 in vet bills to treat a broken leg and shoulder. I have had phone calls from crying yorkie owners looking for one of my puppies because their previous one fell on its head and died. Needless to say they are not my first choice as owners for my dogs. Yorkie puppies are small and need to be treated as such.  Their bones are very soft and ...
    Posted 6 Aug 2013, 13:03 by Gareth Norton
  • Dolly gave birth to two healthy little Yorkie boys Enoch and Methuselah were born on the 28 January, Magnum and Dolly are the two parents.
    Posted 29 May 2014, 02:52 by Gareth Norton
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