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Registered Yorkie Breeders in South Africa

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Kennel or Breeder nameLocationEmail/Contact numberWeb AddressVision/Mission
Patitas Yorkies - Jenean du Preez Bloemfontein  info@patitasyorkies.co.za / 083 298 3764 patitasyorkies.co.za. strive to provide high quality Yorkshire Terriers to loving and approved homes 
Zaminaco Yorkies - Natasha Verdoes Cape mverdoes@telkomsa.net - 023 415 2233 / 082 826 0868  to breed beautiful, healthy and happy puppies 
JOST YORKSHIRE EN BIEWER TERRIERS - Lenie Jooste Cape - near Uppington but deliver free to Cape town leniejooste@yahoo.com / 083 236 8119  I do not breed for looks only, but for temperament as well 
Brancoshire - Kimberly Branco Cape town brancoshire@telkomsa.net - 0829289105 / 0219821065 brancoshire-kennels.co.za I breed to the best of my knowledge and plan my matings with care 
Pedigree Dog Breeders - Derek or Sharon Lawson Cape town info@pedigreedogbreeders.co.za / 073 953 9992  to produce gorgeous healthy puppies to loving homes 
Silkentassle Yorkshire Terriers - Gary and Ingrid Cochius  Cape town icochius@mweb.co.za / 082 373 7033  Yorkie’s are our love and passion, and we welcome you to their world 
QTPie Kennels - Gareth Cape Town qtpiekennels@gmail.com 0820945844 yorkiesa.com To breed small Yorkies that are short, stocky and healthy. 
Sharlamay Yorkies - MELANIE OR MIKE SCOTT Cape town - Fish Hoek  mel@sharlamay-yorkies.co.za / 021 - 7821613  traditional colored Yorkshire Terriers and Parti colored 
Mijoy Yorkies Johannesburg  mijoy@wam.co.za / 0722340791 mijoy-yorkies.co.za Yorkies have always been the apple of our eye and wonderful companions 
Brolea Yorkshire Terriers - Pam Brown Mpumalanga brolea@worldonline.co.za 0176313549 / 0829251595 brolea.com to better the quality of our Yorkshire Terriers with each generation 
Demandi Yorkshire Yorkie Puppies NW province  072 364 3884 damandi-yorkies.co.za breeding healthy and lovable KUSA Registered Yorkshire Terriers 
CHIVAZA YORKIES - Alma De Bruin  Pretoria dbruijam@unisa.ac.za - 0848198881 chivazayorkies.co.za/ Gorgeous Yorkies from local and imported Champion bloodlines 
Leeuwkloof Yorkies - Ida Wessels Pretoria ida@leeuwkloofyorkies.co.za / 082 965 5908 leeuwkloofyorkies.co.za I have owned and loved Yorkies for more than 20 Years 
Liabri Yorkies - Anna Pretoria liabri@mweb.co.za / 082 962 0200 yorkies.co.za committed to establishing long term relationships with its clients. 
Teglarrani Yorkies - Lana Pretoria yorkiepup@vodamail.co.za / 072 4774 123 bieweryorkie.co.za proud Yorkshire Terrier Breeders offering beautiful Yorkie Puppies 
Showing 15 items