Yor'kie Gorgeous Sense of Smell

Yorkie happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail.

There are good reasons for that clammy nose.

Research has shown that a Yorkie nose can detect compounds as parts per trillion – equivalent of tasting a quarter teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic size swimming pool.

So How does Yorkie Gorgeous sniff?

· Because the nose is wet, scent particles are easily captured

· The Yorkie nose has two airways. One for breathing and one for smelling. When gorgeous sniffs – the air is directed to the nasal cavity that contains those scent receptors.

· There are up to 50 times as many scent receptors in Yorkie, as compared to the human nose.

· This means we can smell the Boone Bouche*, but Yorkie Gorgeous can detect the chicken, herbs, coconut oil, peanut butter, pumpkin, etc. and all the other ingredients in the recipe..

Scientists say the Yorkie brain and nose work together to be “one of the most sophisticated odour detection devices in the world.”

What do you think?

A Yorkie Gorgeous marvelous creation.