Memoir of Archie

Hi, my name is Archie. I’m 4 years old and sometimes I’ve heard people call me gorgeous. I wholeheartedly agree!

I was adopted by my new family when I was about 1 years old. Not because anyone was bad or anything, they just moved to a new place that don’t allow dogs and such. Life sucks!

Anyways, SA Yorkie Rescue found me a great new home that comes with two kids and a granny. And by their own admition, they would be at a lost to know what to do without me.

I have tried my best to be loyal to my family. I always greet them first, I have never come home drunk, never get mad, never hold a grudge, and never use their toothbrushes. I did pee on their carpet once after I had a bath, but that was pure excitement! Seriously.

However, my life is not all roses.

One thing that confuses me is when Granny shouts when she leaves the door open and I go outside. When I come in – she shouts at me again! Why am I naughty for listening and coming back?

Once I jumped on the table and ate the entire package of sandwich ham they left for me. To put it mildly my family was really upset. Granny shouted that I “should have known better than that”

No! I didn’t know…but I do know now that the table is out of bounds for me.

However, if Nanna had waited an hour or so to scold me, I probably wouldn’t know why she shouts all the time.

In my home I make no distinction to anyone. My love and devotion are extended to all family members, young or old, strong or feeble.

Granny says I make her life worthwhile and she enjoys my company and talking to me. She even told me once I bring her blood pressure down, and reduce her anxiety. How cool is that!

Anyways, I’m barking out my virtues too much – but just want to say “THANK YOU for adopting me and finding it in your heart to love me.”